We tend to focus so much on the outside that we forget about what matters most. We are more than muscle. Ambrosia is designed to address and protect what is most important. It's made to make you better! 

Mac Trucc
Fitness Advocate


Ambrosia Nektar® contains scientifically validated ingredients in their studied dosages to address the parts of your body that truly matter. Your key internal organs: the liver, lungs, heart, and kidney; are often overlooked in favor of pursuing lower body fat, or more muscle. 


Mental Jewels™ Powder is formulated to help uncover your true mental potential. With clinical doses of secret-society worthy ingredients such as Alphasize™, SerinAde™, BaCognize™, and multiple other proven mind stimulating jewels, you will be on the path to true enlightenment. Ascend to the peak of your cognitive capabilities and feel the benefits of boundless mental aptitude. 

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